With our passion for food our mission is to present bread, pastries and delicacies that are top of their class



A passionate homage to bread and all the great things that comes with it
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At PM Bröd och Sovel, they do indeed love their bröd and pay homage to it as the first mother of civilization!

And there´s a fundamentally unconditional love most people bestow it! Few things can evoke your senses as deeply as the luring scent of freshly baked bread. Be it childhood’s dearly beloved cinnamon buns or nostalgic memories of Parisian breakfasts with warm croissants and decadent confiture.

Those memories are always firmly delivered at PM Bröd & Sovel where the highly competent team puts as much effort into the signature rustic sour dough bread as into the most refined and coquette pastry creations.
And yes – sovel is a word that even most swedes won´t know. The region of Småland was rarely known for it´s indulgence, rather the polar opposite – ascetic, sparing and thrifty verging on poor!

Thus sovel was all kinds of leftovers that were put on the bread. This tradition is proudly being maintained with fresh, top quality “leftovers”. Just don’t call it a sandwich please!
And then there´s coffee – not just any coffee! The swedes may have their occasional weak spots within the vast field of gastronomy, however you can´t cheat them with bad potatoes or coffee!

As the scent of the roasted bean intermingles with the groovy live jazz and the first invigorating espresso forte is quenched down with the croissant, there´s a bloody hard task to resist a second one!



The most important meal of the day. Make sure to do it right
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Imagine an early morning, it’s cold and dark outside and your bed is tempting you to
stay for just a few more minutes. The last thing you want to do is get up to make breakfast.

Enjoy those extra few minutes, then head over to our warm and cosy café. Nestle in our comfy
space with a newspaper while our friendly staff serve you a steaming hot cup of coffee or a frothy cappuccino.

Bröd & Sovel offers breakfast from 7:30 am Monday-Friday and Saturdays from 8.00 AM.
We offer a wide selection of coffee, juice, smoothies, freshly made sandwiches and pastries.



Come in and enjoy a healthy lunch or if you are on the go - grab a lunch takeaway
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Lunch is served daily at our bakery. Choose between a soup, a casserole or a salad. Every dish is
served with our newly made sourdough bread, hard crisp bread and home-made butter.

On the menu you will also find vegetarian dishes and of course “smörrebröd” – our salute
and hommage to Scandinavian cuisine at it´s best.

Psst! If you find your bread basket at home is empty, you can always buy bread and pastries to go.



The mother of civilization - freshly made every morning
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Leavening bread baked with love!

What could be a more perfect complement to any meal than a wholesome loaf of bread?
Our artisan baked sourdough is quite different from industrially produced plastic wrapped loaves – try it for yourself!

We have a variety of breads, including our celebrated levain bread, which are baked daily from
Monday-Saturday. We open the doors at 07.30 on weekdays and 08.00 on Saturdays.

Feel free to order your bread by telephone (+46 470-75 97 30) or e-mail at
(Please note: if you place an order by e-mail, you will receive confirmation when your order is completed.
If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us.)



Experience our creations and you will see cake in a new way
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Each day our pastry chef Jon and his team dream up new creations of confection,
otherwise known as “cakes” – even if they do often bear more resemblance to a work of art.

Our cakes change each season, and we often offer a cake based upon season. Our whole basic
range is not available every month, as mousse cakes require longer preparation.

Our cakes is baked with organic eggs, cream and butter.
Cakes are available in sizes from four pieces up to twelve pieces.

For more information or to place an order, give us a call on +46 470-75 97 30
or send an e-mail to

Please be sure to order at least two days in advance!

We are happy to help you personalize your cake for a fee of 75 SEK

For our cake program, please see below. The folder is in Swedish.




Bröd & Sovel information

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Please note through week 27 and 32 we have reduced opening hours for the summer season. See below:

Monday 08.00-15.00
Tuesday 08.00-15.00
Wednesday 08.00-15.00
Thursday 08.00-15.00
Friday 08.00-15.00
Saturday 08.00-15.00
Sunday Closed



Norrgatan 23
352 31 Växjö

Phone: +46 (0) 470 -75 97 30

Head chef bakery and boutique:
Victoria Karlsson & Frida Wigstrand
Deputy: Erica Kvarnström

Head Pastry chef:
Helena Henriksson