Our philosophy is based on the three cornerstones of forest, lake and meadow. Thus we proudly promote the abundant variety of produce of our region. We are proud to say it has earned us one star in Guide Michelin. The same guide has also awarded us with a green star for our sustainable work. We are also the only restaurant in Sweden with a Grand Award by Wine Spectator.




Experience the gastronomic philosophy of "Forest, lake and meadow"
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Carving a piece of duck liver or making tuna carpaccio is a fairly easy task to most laymen – serving carottes à la sept façons is not! And that´s the sheer raison d´être for the constantly ongoing endeavors in creating a memorable experience with the vast array of products the region has to offer from its pure lakes, deep forests and green meadows.

The new Nordic cuisine probably doesn´t need a further introduction. It´s already established and highly esteemed by foodies around the world. PM & Vänner was one of the pioneers within this field that started as a rather niche product, but now has found its place on the world map. The numerous awards and distinctions that the restaurant has obtained during the years clearly vouch for the high level of craftsmanship, dedication and creative gastronomic thinking.

It´s about inventing and reinventing – why carve that piece of duck liver if potatoes from a unique terroir can deliver a better tasting experience. PM restaurant likes to keep it real and sparse despite the rather intricate nature of some creations. The product will always take center stage and purity of flavour will defy gastronomic bonfire.

Not only is the regionalism severely cherished but also seasonality. Even if the rather unforgiving climate of Småland may seem a bit harsh on a rainy day, this abundant region is clearly marked by four distinct seasons. This explains and clarifies the ephemeral nature of the menus that are in constant change as most products reach their apogee only for a limited amount of time.

And speaking of terroir – there´s wine too!

In one of the most well hidden wine cellars of Europe, impressive rows of the great wines of the world are just like the menu frequently assessed and served according to their stage of maturity, expression and compatibility with the various menus. All elegantly executed in the small and elegant setting that attracts food and wine lovers from distinctly different corners of the globe.



Restaurant Menu

"Our menu showcase in dept our philosophy "forest, lake and meadow". My colleagues and I are honoured to share this experience with you" Anders Lauring, Head Chef
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”Bröd och Sovel”

Caviar from Strömsnäsbruk, parsnip and pears

Crayfish from Lake Örken with melon, tomatoes and lemon verbena

Pike-perch with pointed cabbage and swede from Solmarka Farm, lardo, and fermented gooseberries

Chanterelles from Värend with freshy harvested corns and zucchini

Heart from the king of the forest

Duck from Munka-Ljungby with red beets, black currants and a sauce flavored with pepper, lavender and sage

Single Goat Milk Cheese

Variation of blueberries with soured cream from Löt and a luke-warm cake made off
einkorn wheat, almonds and browned butter

2195 SEK


Served to the whole table only. Please note that we are unable to accommodate vegan menus or menus free from milk protein. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Please also note we can only welcome 8 guests per reservation.

Flight of beverages 1995 SEK

Selected unique wines from the wine cellar 2495 SEK


Wine cellar

An impressive sanctuary of vinous history
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It´s not one of those romantic candlelit limestone cellars of France where rare flacons are sprinkled with old cellar dust. No – the PM wine archive is all about efficiency, substance and function. As the constant wine buying was making the previous cellars seriously under dimensioned, this highly impressive collection was moved to the premise that was formerly the archive of the local bank.

The PM wine archive is an impressive layout where the moveable shelves on rail makes this cellar truly unique, not only for its function, but particularly due to its world class, eclectic collection.
When this venture was started in 2006 the goal was to build a collection of the great wines of the world. And this rather bold statement is not necessarily confined to the most renowned and expensive gems.

On the contrary, in this cellar we can find small verticals of the young and upcoming producers from less renowned regions, next to impressive line-ups of Cheval Blanc and La Tâche.

The PM wine team defines a great wine of the world as a wine with the capability to age, develop and transform for minimum ten years, a wine marked by a clear notion of terroir whether it´s produced in a highly traditional or super contemporary style.

Formats ranging from half bottles to magnums, jeroboams and larger formats are found at all stages of drinkability from the vibrancy of youthful intensity to the patina of aged silky complexity.
The sommeliers are highly flexible and open some rare and fine examples each and every evening and the Menu Grand Vin allows the discerning palate to indulge in a vinous journey where the food is made to match the wine and not the opposite!

The current selection of more than 5400 different wines is a unique treasure that is constantly growing and changing. A contemporary collection mirroring what´s going on in the wine world, firmly rooted in wine history.


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Prizes and awards are, of course always a enormous honor to receive. Without so many talented colleagues that, each day, strive to be better, such recognition would not be possible. Here are just some of the accolades that our team has received throughout the years
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Awarded 1 star in Guide Michelin
Guide Michelin Nordic Guide 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Grand award winner
Wine Spectator 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Awarded Three star wine list
World of Fine Wine 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Wine experience of the year
White Guide Sweden 2005, 2014 and 2016

#7 restaurant in Sweden
White Guide 2019

#13 restaurant in the Nordic
White Guide Nordic 2017

Best restaurant in Sweden
Livets Goda Magazine 2018

Best sommelier in Sweden – Rubén Sanz Ramiro
Livets Goda Magazine 2014 & 2017

Sommelier of the year – Rubén Sanz Ramiro
Svenska Gastronomipriset 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Wine experience of the year
Svenska Gastronomipriset 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Best restaurant in Sweden – Dining experience
White Guide 2010

Business restaurant of the year
Dagens Industri 2009


Restaurant information

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Opening hours spring 2022

Our restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday from 5 PM



Storgatan 22
352 31 Växjö, Sweden
Ph: 0470-75 97 10
(Please be aware that we do not accept
reservations by email)

Please be aware that PM & Vänner Hotel
do not accept cash as payment method

Restaurateur and Creative Director:
Per Bengtsson

Executive Chef:
Anders Lauring

Wine Director:
Rubén Sanz Ramiro

Head Sommelier:
Arvid Lundström

Head Waiter:
Ulrika Bohman