Wine cellar

It´s not one of those romantic candlelit limestone cellars of France where rare flacons are sprinkled with old cellar dust. No – the PM wine archive is all about efficiency, substance and function. As the constant wine buying was making the previous cellars seriously under dimensioned, this highly impressive collection was moved to the premise that was formerly the archive of the local bank.

The PM wine archive is an impressive layout where the moveable shelves on rail makes this cellar truly unique, not only for its function, but particularly due to its world class, eclectic collection.
When this venture was started in 2006 the goal was to build a collection of the great wines of the world. And this rather bold statement is not necessarily confined to the most renowned and expensive gems.

On the contrary, in this cellar we can find small verticals of the young and upcoming producers from less renowned regions, next to impressive line-ups of Cheval Blanc and La Tâche.

The PM wine team defines a great wine of the world as a wine with the capability to age, develop and transform for minimum ten years, a wine marked by a clear notion of terroir whether it´s produced in a highly traditional or super contemporary style.

Formats ranging from half bottles to magnums, jeroboams and larger formats are found at all stages of drinkability from the vibrancy of youthful intensity to the patina of aged silky complexity.
The sommeliers are highly flexible and open some rare and fine examples each and every evening and the Menu Grand Vin allows the discerning palate to indulge in a vinous journey where the food is made to match the wine and not the opposite!

The current selection of more than 6000 different wines is a unique treasure that is constantly growing and changing. A contemporary collection mirroring what´s going on in the wine world, firmly rooted in wine history.

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