Carving a piece of duck liver or making tuna carpaccio is a fairly easy task to most laymen – serving carottes à la sept façons is not! And that´s the sheer raison d´être for the constantly ongoing endeavors in creating a memorable experience with the vast array of products the region has to offer from its pure lakes, deep forests and green meadows.

The new Nordic cuisine probably doesn´t need a further introduction. It´s already established and highly esteemed by foodies around the world. PM & Vänner was one of the pioneers within this field that started as a rather niche product, but now has found its place on the world map. The numerous awards and distinctions that the restaurant has obtained during the years clearly vouch for the high level of craftsmanship, dedication and creative gastronomic thinking.

It´s about inventing and reinventing – why carve that piece of duck liver if potatoes from a unique terroir can deliver a better tasting experience. PM restaurant likes to keep it real and sparse despite the rather intricate nature of some creations. The product will always take center stage and purity of flavour will defy gastronomic bonfire.

Not only is the regionalism severely cherished but also seasonality. Even if the rather unforgiving climate of Småland may seem a bit harsh on a rainy day, this abundant region is clearly marked by four distinct seasons. This explains and clarifies the ephemeral nature of the menus that are in constant change as most products reach their apogee only for a limited amount of time.

And speaking of terroir – there´s wine too!

In one of the most well hidden wine cellars of Europe, impressive rows of the great wines of the world are just like the menu frequently assessed and served according to their stage of maturity, expression and compatibility with the various menus. All elegantly executed in the small and elegant setting that attracts food and wine lovers from distinctly different corners of the globe.