Restaurant Menu


Caviar from Strömsnäsbruk with walnuts from Östra Göinge

Pearch, juniper salt and soya sauce

”Bröd och Sovel”

Blue mussels from Bohuslän, primeur cucumber, green strawberries, new lumpfish roe and elder from Odensjö

Turbot with grilled green asparagus from Vinslöv, pickled chanterelles, dill and trout roe

Lamb sweetbreads with a variation of ramson from Öland and cauliflower

Spring lamb from Appeltorp with white asparagus from the shore of Lake Vättern, morels and rosemary

Rhubarb with sorrels, soured cream from Löt and almonds

“Fallen oak in pile of stones”

2195 SEK


Served to the whole table only. Please note that we are unable to accommodate vegan menus or menus free from milk protein. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Please also note we can only welcome 8 guests per reservation.

Flight of beverages 1995 SEK

Selected unique wines from the wine cellar 2995 SEK

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