Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how PM & Vänner collects and uses your personal
information. It also describes your rights and how you can apply them. It’s important that you understand the
privacy policy and feel safe in our usage of your personal data. You are always welcome to contact us for any

Privacy Disclaimer
PM & Vänner, org. No. 556474-9132 (restaurant) and 556812-1379 (hotel), with address Norrgatan 23, 351 31
Växjö, +46 (0) 470-759700 /, is the personally responsible person for the processing of
personal data.

What is a personal data?
Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly related to a person
who is in life. For example: a name, a postal address, phone number, location information, bank details, a photo, an
update in social media, medical information or a computer’s IP address.
Processing of personal data is all that happens with personal data. Any action taken
with personal data is a usage, regardless of whether it is performed automated or not.
Examples of common usages are collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage,
processing, transfer and deletion. For more information about what is a personal task and how to handle them,
please refer to. Data Inspection Board.

How do we collect, manage and store personal data?

Subscription to newsletters
PM & Vänner sends out newsletters to inform you about what’s happening in the business.
News subscribers report their interests, for example, via the company’s website. The subscriber can at any time, on
your own, terminate the mailing of newsletters through a link in all
newsletter. The e-mail addresses in the newsletter list are not used for any purpose other than just the specific

Room, banquet, conference, and restaurant
When booking, contact information is required for PM & Vänner to be able to provide the participant
confirmations, information and the right conditions (for example, special diets). If
the participant does not want to leave his consent, reference is made to a contact that can assist in finding a
solution. The collected information is only used for the booking the participant is making / registering.

Image material for marketing purposes
In case it is possible to distinguish people from the pictures, the person has given oral or written consent. The
person has the right to withdraw his consent at any time by contacting PM & Vänner at the above contact details.
In cases where model agreements have been established, the legal basis for an agreement is applicable.
Images are stored in an image bank, to which the company&8217;s advertising
agency also has access to a large part of the pictures – personal data agreements have been established. The agency
has no rights to distribute the images to third parties or use the images in other contexts than PM & Vänners’

Third parties
We may share your personal data with third parties offering services to us. An example of such a third party
offering services to us is Oaky B.V. We may use the Oaky services to communicate with you and to offer you
specific services and upgrades that relate to your stay with us. Oaky acts as a data processor of your personal data
on behalf of us, with the purpose of offering the Oaky services to us. We require all third party service providers to
respect the security of your personal data, to treat it in accordance with the law and to process your personal data
only in accordance with our instructions.”*
In our hotel booking system, the data is saved for one year.
For table reservations in our restaurants, we have agreements with FoodFriends AB / Waiteraid. In this case,
FoodFriends AB is our personal information officer.
The subject matter of the personal data processing under this Subscription Agreement is WaiterAid, the booking
system we use for table bookings in the restaurants, provided by FoodFriends AB. The treatment is ongoing and
consists of showing and processing bookings in the restaurant, regarding personal details of type name, phone
number and email as well Details of the booking, such as date, time, number and, if applicable booking comments
with ex. guest wishes and allergies.

In Waiteraid, the data is saved for 18 months. Here is more information about Waiteraid and GDPR:

GDPR för WaiterAid

We require that all third party service providers respect the security of your personal data, process them under the
law and process your personal information only in accordance with our instructions.

Your rights
Personal data processing necessary to complete a contract or fulfill a legal obligation
is permitted without consent. To collect and manage your personal data for any other purpose requires that you
consent to the treatment. You leave consent to handling personal data using the services we provide, see more
specific information under the heading &8220;above.
You can choose to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us contact details above. If you revoke your
consent, we will delete them personal data and discontinue the treatment covered by the consent. If you want
information about which personal information we have saved about you, contact us at contact details above.