At PM Bröd och Sovel, they do indeed love their bröd and pay homage to it as the first mother of civilization!

And there´s a fundamentally unconditional love most people bestow it! Few things can evoke your senses as deeply as the luring scent of freshly baked bread. Be it childhood’s dearly beloved cinnamon buns or nostalgic memories of Parisian breakfasts with warm croissants and decadent confiture.

Those memories are always firmly delivered at PM Bröd & Sovel where the highly competent team puts as much effort into the signature rustic sour dough bread as into the most refined and coquette pastry creations.
And yes – sovel is a word that even most swedes won´t know. The region of Småland was rarely known for it´s indulgence, rather the polar opposite – ascetic, sparing and thrifty verging on poor!

Thus sovel was all kinds of leftovers that were put on the bread. This tradition is proudly being maintained with fresh, top quality “leftovers”. Just don’t call it a sandwich please!
And then there´s coffee – not just any coffee! The swedes may have their occasional weak spots within the vast field of gastronomy, however you can´t cheat them with bad potatoes or coffee!

As the scent of the roasted bean intermingles with the groovy live jazz and the first invigorating espresso forte is quenched down with the croissant, there´s a bloody hard task to resist a second one!