Conference activities

We believe the combination of mixing business and pleasure is the way to go. Over the years we have gathered a wide selection of different activities that we believe will make you and your team remember PM & Vänner for a long time. Below you can find some of the activities we offer, if you miss something – let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.


Flower arranging

Now you have the chance to be a florist for a day. Together with our talented Åsa Carlsson we invite you for course in flower arranging. You can choose between different venues, either at FLORA PM & Vänner (maximum 8 people and after 6.15 PM) or in our private banquet hall (maximum 20 people). During the evening you will get recommendations to use at home and of course the possibility to bring your own creation with you.

Time: Around 2 hours
Price: 495 SEK/person



Together with our friends at Veda we are happy to offer a short yoga program to finish of a long day with meetings and new impressions.

Price: 200 SEK ex VAT per person (Minimum 10 people). If you are less participants, please contact us for a separate price.


Work out with your own personal trainer and/or listen to a lecture about mental strength, food and training

Tobias Olsson has a past as an athlete competing in track & fields. Today he works mostly at HPC with sustainable training and diet. He is often hired by both elite athletes and people who just want to get in shape.

Price: Contact us for price


Champion of the hotel

A fun and creative team competition where the participants can try challenges inspired by the TV-series “Champion of the champions”. A mix of challenges where the groups availability to work together is tested. Each team adjust their ability for each challenge which activates a participant from every member of the team.

Time: Around 2 hours
Price: 1-40 people = 495 SEK per person, more than 40 people = 450 SEK per person
Minimum fee: 7500 SEK ex VAT

Read more about Kryast here


Inlåst (locked up in Swedish) – Perfect as a brain teaser and team building

Inlåst, also known as Escape game throughout the world, is the concept that currently sweeps Sweden and the rest of the world. Inlåst in Växjö were among the first in our country to offer this activity. Basically this is how you play:

Together your group is being locked up in room with different themes, it can be anything. By working together and using different clues you have 60 minutes to exit. To succeed the group has to work together and use the clues in a particular order. The team behind Inlåst also offer a movable games called Byråkampen and Väskan (the last one is available in English), which allows the participants to play a similar game onsite at the hotel.

Price: 1248 SEK ex VAT for Inlåst (Maximum number of participants is six people per room). For Byråkampen that is played at the hotel the price is 4000 SEK ex VAT for up to 20 people. More than 20 people is subject to an additional fee of 150 SEK ex VAT per person (from the 21st player and above).


Field trip to PM & Vänners greenhouse and beehives with a Swedish fika

Together with our talented chefs this trip starts with a short walk to the neighborhood of Ringsberg – located ca 10 minutes from the hotel. Here you will find our greenhouse and our very own beehives. We start with an aperitif together with a small bit to eat you will listen to our chefs telling about their work with local ingredients and producers. We finish the trip in the actual vegetable garden where you can smell, feel and experience local produce for real.

Price: 295 SEK per person ex VAT (Minimum 10 people). This activity is based upon season and is best experienced between May-October.


Sustainable lectures

Sustainability is a part of our DNA and therefore we also offer a selection of lectures on this topic. You can of course choose a more narrow direction of the lecture, for example one of our chef´s tell the audience more on how they come up with new menus and at the same time respecting and follow the idea of sustainability in terms of selecting ingredients without loosing quality. Another popular topic is organic wines or &8211; what role do we play in today´s society and how can we build new and at the same time keeping mother nature in mind?

Price: On demand, depending on topic


Field trip to Ekobacken with a Swedish fika

Ekobacken is one of Swedens biggest city urban agriculture and a project we work with on a daily basis. In this activity one of our chef´s will guide you to the actual site located a short 10 min walk from the hotel. On site you will meet on of the project managers that will show and tell more about their work. Of course we will also bring some fika, made of local ingredients and we dare to promise very few things beat sitting in the grass, enjoying a &8221; and looking out over our beautiful town.

Price: 295 SEK per person ex VAT (Minimum 10 people). This activity is based upon season and is best experienced between May-October.


Wine tasting

PM & Vänner is famous for having one of the largest and most dynamic wine cellars in Scandinavia. It has developed itself over the years and as many as three times we have been awarded “Best Wine Experience in Sweden” – more than any other establishment. Today our cellar contains more than 18 000 bottles and over 4900 references. In this package we start with a visit in the cellar before we sit down and listen to the history of wine from one of our sommeliers. This is then followed by the actual tasting where you as a guest will try four different wines or champagnes depending on the selected tasting. This tastings is being arranged together with our partner Dimanche.

Price: 495 SEK per person ex VAT for wine tasting, 695 SEK per person ex VAT for champagne tasting (Minimum 8 people).


Massage & SPA

Together with our friends at Le Lac we are proud to offer a number of treatments. This is best combined with a dip in our Japanese bath and visit to our sauna where you have a good view over the City of Växjö.

For complete selection of treatments and price list, please visit


City walk

The story behind Växjö is truly interesting. Through it´s roughly 670 year long history a lot happened here. During the walk that starts in our lobby with an aperitif and something light to eat we get to hear the story of Växjö being told. Everything from Växjö Cathedral to what the name Växjö means.

Price On request (Minimum 10 people).


As always we are more than happy to help our guests in the best possible way. If you want more suggestions of activities or have an idea of your own – feel free to contact us and we will do our best to make it happened. Our experience over the years helps us to know what can fit your group. We also offer more lectures from inspiring people, for example Ingegerd Råman – one of Sweden´s most famous designer or Per Sundberg who is a professor at one of the most prestigious universities within art, crafts and design.