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Welcome to our living room seven days a week
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PM Bar is not your average bar! It is rather an exhibition of good living where the mere art of imbibing a cocktail stretches
far beyond the confines of that strengthening potation in the glass!

The overly spacious and airy room with an amazing panorama view of the city has become the outright locus for
well-mannered hedonism and civilized conversation.

That might be a logical explanation to the immense book shelf packed to the brim with works on art, architecture, music and of course gastronomy!

Not to mention that imposing Steinway & Son grand piano that is frequently guested by the intelligentsia of world class musicians that might spontaneously take on nothing less than Alban Berg´s Piano Sonata as the Champagne flows.

PM Bar offers a wide variety of local cuisine well matched with a living beer and wine selection.

As the day slowly turns into the beloved night, anything can happen in this nifty cosmopolitan meeting place. While the music intensifies and turns into a jazzier groove, vigorous Manhattans, classic GT:s and heftier creations are fervently quenched down in front of the fireplace to the backdrop of the city and the buzz of conversation and increasing laughter.

It is just not your ordinary bar, it is PM Bar.



Regional cuisine well matched with a lively wine and beer selection
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The lunch at PM Bar takes a break during the summer and will be back on Monday 19th of August.

During the summer PM Bar will be open from 16.00 on Monday – Friday and from 12.00 on Saturday and Sunday

We wish all of our guests a wonderful summer!



Marinated olives

PM’s ecological potato chips with truffle mayonnaise

Popcorn of corn from Öland flavored with browned butter and sea salt 

PM’s pommes frites with truffle mayonnaise

Smoked almonds 

59 SEK each



Primeurs ”barigoule” flavored with lovage from PM’s Garden and lemon 69 SEK

Blackened sweet gem lettuce salad with a vinaigrette of shallots, grated parmesan cheese and herbs from PM’s Garden 69 SEK

PM’s ”Gravlax”, cured salmon with Sauce Nobis,
brioche croutons, radishes from Botulf and fennel 79 SEK

Lightly smoked mackerel with marinated tomatoes,
smetana, deep-fried capers and herbs from PM’s Garden 79 SEK

Burnt matjes herring with new potatoes, radishes,
smetana, sugar peas and deep-fried shallots 79 SEK

Blackened tartare of beef topside from Friskatorpet,
served with deep-fried shallots, egg yolk from Gårdsby confit and cress 79 SEK

Crispy pork belly with primeurs from Solmarka Farm and a boullion of roasted chicken, raw egg yolk and herbs from PM’s Garden 79 SEK

These courses are served in middle size, we recommend 2–3 courses/person,
perfect for sharing. Bread from our bakery Bröd & Sovel and whipped butter is included.



Crispy salad from Sjöviks Gård with chicken, a variation of tomatoes and Swedish mozzarella, served with smoked almonds, spring onions, croutons of sourdough bread from Bröd & Sovel and vinaigrette of shallots and herbs from PM’s Garden. 229 SEK



Sourdough bread sandwich with smoked salmon from Vägga Smokery,
asparagus emulsion, baked green asparagus, horseradish, spring onions and radish 179 SEK

PM’s hamburger, served in corn bread from Bröd & Sovel with matured cheddar cheese, crispy salad, bacon, preserved onions, pickles, truffle mayonnaise and our house pommes frîtes 239 SEK



Raspberry ice cream dipped in white chocolate, served on a stick 45 SEK

Pastry chef Jon’s three small bites: today’s macaron, strawberry tarte with
vanilla bavaroise and chocolate cake with raspberries 85 SEK

Chocolates from our confectionery 25 SEK/each


If you have any allergies or diet requests, please let us know

Sunday dinner - Served 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Warm-smoked salmon from Vägga on sourdough bread from our bakery, served with an emulsion of asparagus, baked green asparagus, horseradish, scallion and radishes 179 SEK

PMs hamburger served in a corn bread  from Bröd & Sovel with matured cheddar, crispy salad, bacon, pickled red onion, pickles, mayonnaise with dijon and our own  pommes frîtes 239 SEK

Our homemade meatballs with preserved lingonberries, pickled cucumber and parsley, served with  a light potato purée and a cream  sauce 199 SEK

Crispy pork belly in corn  bread from Bröd & Sovel, served with marinated fresh white cabbage with chili and elderflower, mayonnaise of dijon and our own pommes frîtes 189 SEK

Sourdough sandwich from the bakery with crispy salad from Sjöviksgård, egg 63° from Gårdsby, white asparagus and an emulsion of asparagus, served with baked green asparagus from Algutsrum,  horseradish,  spring onion, radishes from Solmarka Farm and roasted almonds 169 SEK



Brunch at PM Bar - Every Sunday from 12.00
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We sure think there is few things that is better than spending time with family and friends combined with delicious food. For that reason we now serve brunch every Sunday at PM Bar. It contains our most popular dishes from our breakfast mixed with heartier dishes, everything from hash browns with lumpfish roe to Caesar salad.

As that wasn’t enough our selection of sweets is bigger than you can imagine. Choose between macarons, brownies, cake, lemon tarte, energybars, cinnamon buns, croissants etc. Included in your price you will also find juice, smoothies and your coffee of choice (Freshly brewed, espresso, latte, cappuccino etc). If you arrive to us with the memory of a rough Saturday we offer discounted prices on Champagne, Bloody Marys and Mimosa.

Our brunch in served from 12.00 and as a guest you can make a reservation until 14.30. Please be aware that each reservation has a maximum seating time of 90 minutes. Reservations can be made online by clicking on the button to your left that says “Book brunch”.

Price: Adults – 279 SEK per person, children under 12 years old – 139 SEK per person


Sunday dinner

End the week in the most comfortable way, with Sunday dinner at PM Bar
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Is there a better way to close the week than to enjoy good food without having to cook it yourself? We don’t think so and therefore we are now opening up PM Bar on Sundays. As a guest you can choose between having a full on dinner or you can just stop by for a nice glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Our ambition is that Sundays at PM Bar will be a relaxed space where family and friends can meet, regardless if you live in Växjö or visiting and staying at our hotel.

The doors open at 3 PM  and at the same  time our kitchen opens and offer the following menu:

Sourdough bread sandwich with smoked salmon fromVägga Smokery,
asparagus emulsion, marinated cucumber, horseradish, spring onions and radish 179 SEK

PM’s hamburger, served in corn bread from Bröd & Sovel with matured cheddar cheese,
crispy salad, bacon, preserved onions, pickles, truffle emulsion and the house pommes frîtes 239 SEK

PM’s meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberries, pressed cucumber and gravy 199 SEK

Crispy salad from Sjöviksgård with chicken with a variation of tomatoes and swedish mozzarella,
served with smoked almonds, spring onions, croutons of sourdouhg bread from Bröd & Sovel
and vinaigrette of shallots and herbs from PM’s Garden 229 SEK


Raspberry ice cream dipped in white chocolate, served on a stick 45 SEK

Chocolates from our confectionery 25 SEK/each


And remember, Sunday is the new Friday!


Bar Information

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Monday from 4 PM
Tuesday from 4 PM
Wednesday from 4 PM
Thursday from 4 PM
Friday from 4 PM
Saturday from 12 PM
Sunday from 12 PM



Västergatan 10
352 31 Växjö, Sweden
Ph: 0470-75 97 00

Please be aware that PM & Vänner Hotel
do not accept cash as payment method

Head Chef:
Morgan Giraud

Bar Manager:
Matteo Valencic 

Head Chef Pastry:
Jon Martinsson