Smålands finest

Photo: Vandalorum, photographer John Nelander


PM & Vänner’s philosophy is based on the cornerstones Forest, Lake and Meadow. Thus we also see as the fundaments of the landscape of Småland. We would like to show our guests the variety that together creates the unique terroir in which we are so proud and which we have noticed particularly attract all our curious guests in the surroundings. 



The Glass Factory, Boda,

During the sixties and the seventies the creativity and business were sparkling in the crystal kingdom here in the deep forest of Småland and iconic artists like Erik Höglund, Signe Persson-Melin, and Monica Backström conquered the world of glass design. After a deep artistic and economic crisis during the last decades it is now vivid and full of artistic optimism again. Here in Boda they have, after gathering the huge and fine collection of glass design heritage from Boda, Åfors and Kosta glass factories, developed a melting pot of exhibitions and live production including artists and glass design fans from all over the world. Who knows, this is where you might find tomorrow’s icons and their first steps on the latter to stardom.

Svenssons i Lammhult, Lammhult,

Since 1898 there has been a furniture merchandise here, in the heart of Småland. Today it is the home of Sweden’s leading furniture retailer of the best domestic and international furniture and a veritable mekka for all design lovers with it’s large collection with all the design classics, often with great offers. A traditional stop on the road to PM & Vänner or on the way home.

IKEA Museum, Älmhult,

There is no need for introduction of IKEA nor of it’s founder Ingvar Kamprad, known for their work of carrying out Swedish design and Småland entrepreneurship. But to put it into a historical, cultural and design perspective can create a new dimension and the best way to experience that is here in the very first store and the home of the company in Älmhult. Large permanent exhibition with all the IKEA classics and with presentations of sketches, ideas and sign of the times together with temporary shows and sometimes even leftovers of sold out limited product from guest designers found far out in the Ikea hemisphere.



Åsnens Nationalpark, Sunnaborn,

A peculiar untouched landscape of forests and lakes is the latest and one of the five most visited national parks in the country today. That is no surprise for us locals. We have been fascinated by Lake Åsnen and it’s surroundings and terroir since ancient times and have been delighted by the richness and variety cultivated by farmers and fishermen throughout history. With a fairytale nature the national park shows a landscape extremely rich in species and filled with lakes, forests and wetlands today attracts visitors from all over the world. The best start is the main entrance in Sunnarborn where you will find valuable information and facilities. “Bon apetit!”

Horisaki Design & Handel, Kåremo,

In the middle of this fertile province next to the sound dividing Småland from the island of Öland you find the habitat of the world famous hat makers, the Swedish-Japanese designer couple Karin and Kakoto Horisaki. In an old converted general store from the 19th century they create their distinctive hats that have created a big fuzz at the fashion fair in Paris over the last years and edgy shops like American H Lorenzo and French Léclaireur are lining up to offer their fashionista customers the hats worn by the superstars. Voilà, avantgarde, craft and unique specificity!

Solmarka Gård, Vassmolösa,

Since 1997 Rurth Doppstadt and Botulf Bernard have constantly developed their farm with passion, soul and deep knowledge. Today they grow the finest vegetables one could possibly find in this part of the world on premises that have been organically cultivated ever since 1976. Countless numbers of PM & Vänner guests have worshipped the intense flavors and characteristic crispness of these divine crops. Just enjoy the beautiful fields close to the ocean and in the farm shop you will find the most of the best from the vegetable flora right here and now. One of our most unique and dearest “vänner” throughout the years.



Vandalorum, Värnamo,

The founding father of the furniture design manufacturer, the visionary art and design icon Sven Lundh, managed to realize his dream about a museum for modern art, design and a home for the regional art heritage here on the fields along the E4 Highway. Today interesting exhibitions succeed one another filled with intriguing art and design from Sweden, the region and abroad. With it’s magnificent architecture with large barns sketched by Renzo Piano one can sometimes get the feeling that touring exhibitions were made exclusively for Vandalorum. Together with the charming restaurant Syltan it is an indispensable stop on your trip to PM & Vänner.

Rudenstams Bär & Frukt, Rudu 50 Huskvarna,

In the valley of Skärsta behind the slopes above Lake Vättern the Rudenstam family have run their fruit farming since the forties. In the excellent farm shop you will find the prize winning and sought after beverages of apples and different berries together with other artisan products from more than sixty different producers. While here enjoy a classic “fika” or lunch with a stunning view over the impressing banks of Rosenlund and “the miracle of Småland”, as Carl Linnaeus called Taberg mountain, in the horizon. A natural pit stop on your journey from Stockholm to PM & Vänner or on your way back.

Smålands Museum – Sveriges Glasmuseum, Växjö,

In the middle of Växjö a few blocks from PM & Vänner you will find Kulturparken Småland which accommodate several interesting sections hosting history, arts and crafts and cultural heritage. The largest and best collection of Swedish glass design, the history of the production and the lives and culture of Småland through the centuries together with Immigrant’s House where the enormous migration from this region to North America is presented. Permanent exhibitions as well as edgy temporary documentaries of our intensive present time shown in interesting and various architecture. A good introduction to the variety of the unique “terroir” of Småland.