Sustainable program

Since our start back in 1992 we have chosen to create meeting venues that will last over time. Venues where pride over our history meets the modern and innovative. Venues where the people and a sustainable environment will always be in focus.

Our philosophy &8221; is the foundation in everything we do. From the ingredients we cook with to material along with the respect for our guests and colleagues. This is sustainability for us.
We are since a long time ago eco-certified by both KRAV and Svanen. We are a proud sponsor to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Our work towards sustainability includes many areas, and apart from environment (food, energy, transport, furnishings) it also includes social and financial sustainability.

The climate change is one of our times biggest concerns and one of the major impact comes from the food we eat. As a restaurant and/or hotel guest, private as well as during work you can make a difference based on your choices. For us on a daily basis our sustainable philosophy and our certification from the official Nordic eco label, The Nordic Swan help us achieve and keeping track on our impact. We care a lot about local ingredients, preferably organic, products in season and respect for everything we use. We try to offer as much vegetarian alternativs as possible. With all these ideas we throw away less food and the food that is being left over will be used as biofuel. Apart from our local farmers we also run our own greenhouse. Our eco label demands that we follow the rules regarding chemicals, energy- and water consumption along with waste disposal.

2019 we launched our new concept with climate smart conferences as a part of our ambition in sustainability. Please read more by clicking on this link: Climate smart conference

Monica Carlsson                   Morgan Giraud
Co-owner PM & Vänner        Head Chef


Environment policy at PM & Vänner
Our policy is that our business should always be driven with the ambition of using our resources in a smart and effective manner where we through our actions decrease our impact of the environment. Please read more on how we work, and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. Responsible for our program is Monica Carlsson. You can reach her at


  • We shall work towards minimize all damage on the environment and be preventive when it comes to new impact on the environment
  • We strive to make the management and employees aware of the environmental problems and through education stimulate them to take actions that will help us create a sustainable workplace
  • Environmental effect shall be up for discussion in all decisions – including everything we buy
  • The business follow the environmental law, the rules and guidelines provided by organizations working towards a sustainable future.
  • Our policy shall be well introduced to everyone in our company and easy accessible for whoever find it interesting (mainly through our website)
  • Employees working full time will have to attend a course in environment and sustainability
  • Our company is always ready to change, add and make our environmental work more effective. Every year we write down a summary of last years work. Our goal is always to be active and leading on this subject. Through our work our goal is to inspire others.
  • Documents regarding our work and our certifications is always on the intranet.

Purchase of products and commodities 

  • We prioritize selected local producers where we have a good and established relationship. Preferably business where we also have been onsite and seen the production. When possible we always choose organic alternatives. We are certified by KRAV which demands to buy at least 25 % organic products. Menus based on season is also very important. We do not serve any articles that has a ban according WWF.
  • We do not serve any products labeled they are produced with GMO.
  • We avoid additives that is not certified by KRAV. The food is always prepared from scratch and the food waste shall always be kept to a minimum. The leftover food shall always be separated and reused as biofuel.
  • All our coffee and banans is apart from being organic alos certified by Fair Trade.
  • Our work of develop and increase the quality, the amount of organic, locally produced and season based ingredients is a constant project.

Additional purchases, investments and consumption 

  • Conference paper, office supply, napkins and one time articles is customized towards being environmental friendly. Our official supplier of these articles in environmental certified.
  • We always work towards choosing the most effective, sustainable and high preforming equipment (kitchen appliances, dishwasher etc).
  • We are in constant contact with our supplier of dish- and detergent in order to always be able to choose the most environmental friendly option.
  • When marketing our business we first hand choose to do so via phone, website and email.
  • We use electricity labeled as &8221;
  • We recycle and reuse whatever is possible. We always choose good quality for a longer period of use
  • We are certified by the official Nordic eco label, The Nordic Swan which also means we are required to follow the rules attached to the certification


Please read more on climate and sustainability below:

WWF: food and agriculture:

To eat is necessary and joyful but today we don&8211; one meal at the time.

Read more on the website of WWF: Click here

KRAV: What does it mean to be certified as KRAV for the climate?

To choose KRAV-certified organic food is one step closer to limit our GHG impact. KRAV-certified companies actively works with reducing our impact on the climate. According to the regulations of KRAV, for an example all certified companies shall latest December 2018 use renewable electricity. organic production is also a tool to reduce carbon dioxide från the air.

Read more on the website of KRAV: Click here

The Nordic Swan – the official Nordic eco label: Why certified? 

The Nordic Swan is the official Nordic eco label and is working on behalf of the government without and industry- or profit interest. The EU flower is the official logo for Europe. Both is optional, positive labelling of products and services. They are there for the consumer to assist in choosing a more eco-friendly life.

To label a hotel, a restaurant or a conference center is to take active responsibility of our environment. To be labeled by the Nordic Swan or by the European flower demands a strict regulation in the work of the establishment, especially when it comes to energy, water consumption and how to handle disposal.

Read more on the website of The Nordic Swan: Click here

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation – Make a choice

One third of every households climate effect comes from what we put on the table and most of the discharge comes from the meat consumption. Lucky enough we can easily reduce our discharge from food without being complicated or expensive.

What you choose to eat surely does effect your impact on the climate. It has far much more impact than for example how far the actual food has been shipped. To choose a vegetarian diet is the easiest and most important choice you can make but there´s so much more:

1. Choose a more vegetarian diet 2. Choose meat with care 3. Don´t throw away food 4. Eat organic

Read more on the website of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation: Click here