Despite the rather ascetic nature of the hard working local smålanders – PM Bistro is a lavish haven where pleasure is highly rewarded and the jante law is forthrightly forbidden! A place where business meets pleasure and gastronomy is closely interwoven with culture.

PM Bistro is a virtual cocktail with a twist of groovy Brooklyn, spiced up with a dash of lush Parisian Bistro with a steady dose of firm roots in the deep forests of Småland. To the soft jazzy background one is instantly lured into temptation by succumbing to a deliciously refreshing coupe de Champagne or meticulously shaken or stirred contemporary cocktail, while gazing through the menu or timidly studying the bible as the wine list have been baptized by pilgrimed wine lovers.

Whether one opts for the local Isterband quenched down with an honest big strong or settles for nothing less than a decadently rare Rib-Eye with homemade duck fat fries and a well-deserved large glass, filled with a deep purple, redolent and silky Pomerol – one can be assured that attention is paid to each and every detail by the friends at PM!