PM & Vänner was founded in 1992 by two friends, Per Bengtsson and Monica Carlsson
(Vänner is Swedish for “friends” hence the name.) They still owning the company together.

Today PM & Vänner includes PM & Vänner Hotel, PM Restaurant, PM Bistro, PM Bakery,
PM Banquet & Events and a rooftop bar logically named PM Bar.

We are located in the heart of Småland, in the city of Växjö.

Our gastronomic philosophy is based on the three cornestones of forest, lake and meadow.
Thus we like to take advantage of and promote the abundant produce of our region.

Our gastronomic vision is a modern interpretation of the regional cuisine from Småland,
reinvented through the use of new and old techniques and textures.

Since the outset we have worked towards a sustainable society and today we are proud to
be both environmental certified by “Svanen” and “KRAV”.

We wish you a warm welcome!