Tasteful experiences in a perfect combination. PM & Vänner Hotel in cooperation with Wanås Restaurant Hotel offers a two-day adventure trip where food and art are in focus. Two nights, two dining experiences, two arts experiences – two unique worlds with just over an hour’s journey between.

Our gastronomic driving force, together with a great interest in art and design, characterizes your stay with both PM & Vänner and Wanås Restaurant Hotel. Enjoy food and wine from renowned restaurant kitchens and stay in our best suites. In Wanås you will find yourself in contemporary elegance in a countryside Skåne castle environment on the doorstep of the international sculpture park. At PM & Vänner Hotel you are staying in an award-winning Småland design environment in the heart of the busy city. On request, a private tour of PM & Vänners art and design collection can be arranged.

Welcome to a unique food and art experience that we have chosen to call “The Art of gastro.”

In our package the following is included:

At PM & Vänner Hotel
– Shared accommodation, category Junior Suite
– Our tasting menu “Tabberas” served in our restaurant
– Wi-Fi
– Access to our gym, pools and sauna
– Breakfast at PM Bar

At  Wanås
– Shared accommodation
– A four course dinner served in the restaurant
– Entrance to Wanås sculpture park
– Breakfast
– Wi-Fi

Price: 4 990 SEK per person

Reservations can be made through our Front Desk. You can reach them at or +46 470-75 97 00. Please observe that this package is only bookable via PM & Vänner Hotel.

Welcome to an unforgettable experience!